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Donald J. Tansey

Registration number 20060114M

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Donald J. Tansey are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Sable an chevron reversed enhanced raguly, in chief a Greek androsphinx sejant gaurdant wings elevated and addorsed clutching in her dexter paw a dagger hilt to base and in base an oak tree blasted and couped Or.
Crest: An oak tree blasted and couped Or surmounted by a dagger hilt to base Sable.
Motto: Invictus

Design rationale

Much of the design carries dual or multiple symbolism.

The sable field is emblematic of grief, from the loss of my parents. It is also a token of secrecy. As are the androsphinx and dagger. Secrecy being an integral part of my occupation in information security.

Secrecy also plays a part in my membership in a college fraternity and the freemasons. The inverted chevron was chosen to evoke the flap of a masonic apron. The chevron was also an element in the logo of my graduate alma mater, Capella University. The raguly edges of the chevron denote the two chief obstacles in achieving my goals to date: The death of my father while persuing my undergraduate degree, and the death of my mother while studying for my Master's degree.

The blasted oak tree also has a double meaning. It betokens both my undergraduate alma mater, which bears an oak leaf as part of its' symbol. The blasted oak also speaks to that which has suffered yet survived.

The tilting helm, while assumed by many armigers as appropriate to their station, I have actually worn an authentic frog mouth helm from the middle ages.

The motto: "Invictus" may be rendered as "Unbeaten", or "Dauntless". It refers not to never loss, but rather the refusal to allow such loss to deter me in accomplishing my ultimate goals. It should be understood in the spirit of "Bloodied But Unbowed"

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