Edward Anthony Moritz

Registration number 20060105C

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Edward Anthony Moritz are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Per bend Argent and Gules a Bend enhanced Azure.
Crest: Upon a Helm with a wreath Argent and Gules A Mullet Or pentagonally voided and enfiled by an Anchor Purpure.
Badge: Four Annulets two and two all interlaced Or enfiled by a Sword erect point downwards Argent hilt pommel and quillons Or.


2002 College of Arms (London)

Design rationale

As a retired Coast Guard Commander, the coat approximates the after edge of the international orange racing stripe on the port bows of the 11 Coast Guard Cutters in which armiger served. A gold star is the aurthorized top mark on the flagstaff of a naval commander. The pentagon alludes to one of armiger's duty stations on the Joint Staff and Office of the Secretary of Defense. The purple anchor alludes to his designation as a "purple suiter" or joint staff college graduate.

Registered by

David Thomas Boven


Personal, Original, US, M

Roll of Arms