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Angelo Anthony Sedacca

20040215D - Registered 15 February 2006

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Blazon of Shield

Gules, within a bordure Or, on a chevron Azure, fimbriated Argent, twelve mullets also Argent, accompanied in chief with a book expanded Argent, between in dexter a tower Argent, and in sinister a papal throne proper; in base a lion rampant, with a king's crown above the head, brandishing an academic mace, all proper.

Blazon of Crest

Upon a wreath of the liveries is set for a crest, a pair of scales of justice Or, ensigned with a swan close Argent.


Defendre et Transmettre la Loi Divine

Record of grant or prior registration

29 November 2005 Russian College of Heraldry
1 February 2006 The International Register of Arms #0016
19 May 2006 American College of Heraldry #2876

Design rationale

The armorial bearings of Angelo Anthony Sedacca were designed to reflect and honor his own devout Roman Catholicism, the Italian heritage of his mother, Marie Ann Sedacca (nee Rella); and the Sephardic-Jewish heritage of his father, Joseph Sedacca. The helm employed is typical of Italian heraldry, both in design and depiction. Since Colonel Sedacca's paternal ancestors were originally from Spain (before migrating to Turkey), the colors of the Spanish flag (red and gold) were employed as the primary colors of the achievement. Out of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the colors of blue and white were also used. Blue and white also signify respectively Colonel Sedacca's loyalty to the Catholic faith, and his desire to keep the Faith pure. Consequently, he has chosen the French motto: Defendre et Transmettre la Loi Divine.

The twelve mullets represent the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Twelve Apostles (the Pillars of the Catholic Church). The expanded book represents truth and one's search for it. The book is placed between the ivory tower of academia and the papal throne to demonstrate that faith and reason are not contradictory, but complementary; the former reveals divine positive law, while the latter reveals natural law. This concept is also reinforced at the base of shield where the crowned Lion of Judah (Jesus Christ) holds an academic mace; all truth emanates from God and ultimately leads back to Him. The ivory tower was utilized to express Colonel Sedacca's role as a teacher of theology and foreign language, while the papal throne denotes his fidelity to the Magisterium.

In addition to representing Colonel Sedacca's law-enforcement career and his office as a notary public, the scales of justice symbolize that all of our actions and decisions must be weighed according to the mandates of divine law. The swan featured atop the entire achievement represents the chivalric ideals of love, honor, beauty, and virtue.

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Personal, Original, USA, 2006, S

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