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Carlos Adolfo Gutiérrez-Vidal

Registration number 20070204A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Carlos Adolfo Gutiérrez-Vidal are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per saltire Argent and Azure 1 & 3 a rose Gules barbed and seeded proper 2 & 4 seme-de-lys Or overall an escutcheon per pale barry of 14 Or and Gules impaling paly of 12 Argent and Sable.
Crest: Issuant from a torse Argent and Gules a lyre Or.
Motto: Alcance con Modestia (Achieve with modesty)

Biographical information

Born in Mexicali, Baja California, on July 19, 1974. Poet and conceptual artist, he has published Sarcófagos (1993), Nortes (1994), Befas (2000), Berlín 77 y otros relatos (2003), Toros (2005), Endechas (2007) and Meridianos/Divergencias (2007).

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Personal, Original, MX, G, V

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