The Registry

The U.S. Heraldic Registry is a private enterprise that offers registration of personal, organizational, and civic heraldry. The Registry is cosmopolitan and invites applications from all countries. In addition to the on-line roll of arms, the Registry's services include artwork, certificates of registration, and design help.

The Registry resumed operations on June 29, 2013 after more than a year's hiatus. The website and forms have been simplified to make it easier to register coats of arms.


Free registration includes a blazon (written description) and a unique registration number recorded on a personal web page in the roll of arms. Upgraded registration adds a certificate with an emblazonment (a picture of the coat of arms) to the web page.

Why register a coat of arms?

  • To record and display one's coat of arms in a publicly accessible database.
  • To distinguish one's coat of arms from bogus "surname” heraldry.
  • To help prevent others from unintentionally assuming one's coat of arms.
  • To prove one's coat of arms was acquired or used on a particular date.
  • To record one's design in written form called a blazon.
  • To preserve one's design for future generations.
  • To create an heraldic honor or memorial for a family member.
  • To promote an organization's visibility on the internet.

Roll of Arms